It’s Official – they are Arabian Mau Mix

The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO) has confirmed that these kittens are Arabian Mau Mix . Two are still available. I emailed the EMRO with photos of the kittens showing the characteristics that I understood to be the mau characteristics. I talked with a friend Friday who sold 4 maus to the states (where the Egyptian Mau is particularly popular). Her maus also came from the “domestic camp” here where these came from. The Arabian Mau was recognized as an official breed in 2008. It is native to the Middle East Region and has been there for over 1,000 years. or maybe it is actually decendant form  the Near Eastern Wildcat who has been in this region for 10,00 -100,000 years. See this article

The cats in Dubai that are officially Arabian Maus have a variety of looks. But the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization prefers to reserve the term Mau – even Arabian Mau – for the spotted cats only.

A Mau is the only naturally occuring spotted cat.  It bears the “M” mark on its forehead, sometimes called the “scarab mark” after the symbol considered divine by the Ancient Egyptians.

These kittens are such beautiful cats with the white contrasting with the  dark spotted areas. They are sweet and need a home so share your love.

See the previous post for lots of pictures.