It’s Official – they are Arabian Mau Mix

The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO) has confirmed that these kittens are Arabian Mau Mix . Two are still available. I emailed the EMRO with photos of the kittens showing the characteristics that I understood to be the mau characteristics. I talked with a friend Friday who sold 4 maus to the states (where the Egyptian Mau is particularly popular). Her maus also came from the “domestic camp” here where these came from. The Arabian Mau was recognized as an official breed in 2008. It is native to the Middle East Region and has been there for over 1,000 years. or maybe it is actually decendant form  the Near Eastern Wildcat who has been in this region for 10,00 -100,000 years. See this article

The cats in Dubai that are officially Arabian Maus have a variety of looks. But the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization prefers to reserve the term Mau – even Arabian Mau – for the spotted cats only.

A Mau is the only naturally occuring spotted cat.  It bears the “M” mark on its forehead, sometimes called the “scarab mark” after the symbol considered divine by the Ancient Egyptians.

These kittens are such beautiful cats with the white contrasting with the  dark spotted areas. They are sweet and need a home so share your love.

See the previous post for lots of pictures.


We need love!

The kittens are 6 weeks old, litter trained, eating dry food and playing and snuggling.

The mother is a unique looking cat with one blue eye and one green eye.  The father gave the kittens really nice markings. They look like he could have been Egyptian/Arabian Mau which have been documented on camp. Below are pink background collages that I put together of the kittens showing the mau-like characteristics such as the spots. The Mau breed which originated in this area thousands of years ago is very popular in the US now and people pay a lot of money for them. Dad could have looked like this.

Also are here are some random cute shots. I wish we could keep them!

Email me at if you’d love and appreciate a special cat.

Abaya or Not in al Khobar

dsc_0106 When we first got here we went to Hyper Panda without abayas and felt pretty conspicuous. I have a post on here about that expereince. Of course with three pretty girls we would have gotten attention anyway. We got abayas and wear them to the malls and downtown Khobar. In the summer an advantage was we could wear next to nothing under them and have some relief from the heat. (For that purpose get an abaya that closes in the front or have it sewn closed like we did) Some ladies never wear abayas in Khobar. They wear a long dress with long sleaves or a long top that covers the hips and long sleaves. Yesterday I went to town with two ladies who did not wear abayas and as I had on long jeans and a big sweat shirt and was traveling by taxi and just running in here and there (and it was cool yesterday morning) I felt OK without the abaya. Many ladies around here said they never wore abayas before 9/11. The abayas let them blend in a bit more and if you had a scarf (which the westerners rarely wear) you can almost dissapear if you need to. My neighbor who never wears an abaya but dresses very conservativley has been here almost 30 years and in that time has been approached by matawa only in Dammam and only 5 times. I’ll post a photo of my girls and I in our “go to town clothes”.

What Do You Want to Know?

Hi Everyone! Let me know what you wonder about our experience here in Saudi Arabia and I will write about it. It would be great if everyone who saw this post writes a comment below telling me what you want to know. We miss all our friends back “home” and would love to share and interact with you this way. We also are new enough to this experience that we still remember vividly what it was like to consider, decide, wait for visas, pack, and take off for this foriegn land.

Photos of Compound

Here are some photos I found online of various places throughout the compound.

Resources on Moving to Saudi Arabia

 Our family will be relocated in Saudi Arabia this summer. That is a big move for anyone from the United States. I like to do my research on any big decision.  We will be moving to Dhahran with Aramco. My husband is actually already there.  On the sidebars to this blog are many of the resources I used to gather information. 

News and Current Events

You can set up Yahoo news to send you a digest of articles that have a certain keyword. We set it up with the key word “Saudi Arabia” and every few days, I receive in my in-box links to pertinent articles.

 The Arab News

Everyday I read this English language Saudi Arabian newspaper. I read the main articles.  I also look at the letters to the editors, the Islam section, where people are answering questions about Islam kinda “Dear Abby” style. I read the “Law and You” section which often has expats asking for advice on their employment situations. Also in the “World” section is “Opinions” and “Arab View”.

You can also sign up for emails from the Saudi U.S. Relations Information Service. This particularly addresses business and political happenings in a very positive way.

Personal Information


To get practical information about moving to Saudi Arabia from those who have done it I read the two expat forums that I have linked in sidebar.


 The blog I read everyday is American Bedu which is linked in the sidebar. This prolific blogger understands the expats perspective being one herself and is immersed in Saudi life and culture as she is married to a Saudi man. She updates her blog almost everyday and has a loyal following who add value through their comments and she attracts others who find her blog as they search for info and insights on cultural aspects of Saudi Arabia. I also frequently read Crossroads Arabia which comments upon news articles on Saudi Arabia. I drop in on the other blogs in the sidebar from time to time. “Sands Gets in My Eyes” has an archive of many entries of interest to anyone considering coming to the kingdom.

I had made so many shortcuts to resources on my computer desktop that it was a mess. Then I set up this blog and organized my resources in a way that I can go here and find what I want to read on a daily basis and have my other sources handy for reference. You are welcome to come to my blog and use it as a jumping off point as you do your “due diligence”.  Please let me know of other resources you are finding particularly helpful and I may add them here.