I’m expecting to hear any minute that he/she is hatched.

Friday pm

Dec 15, 1944


My Dearest Darling Wife,

Two sweet letters from you today. You said you had a tummy ache. Honey I hope it hasn’t bothered you anymore. I hate for my baby to hurt.

Honey you mentioned getting a letter I wrote to the Folks. The same thing almost happened again last nite. I wrote them a letter and had your address on it. I had already sealed it up and just happened to notice it. Darling you see where my thoughts are, right there with you and “Junior”. I’m not worried about you stumbling on any secrets in any letter you may read by mistake. I have no secrets to keep from my sweet wife. What’s mine is yours.

I bet the rolls you made were good. I’ll be glad to try some of them.

I’m sure you’ve sat on “Junior” plenty long for him/her to be fully hatched. I’m expecting to hear any minute that he/she is hatched.

I’m glad it’s time for “Junior”. Hope he/she doesn’t try to see how long he/she cans stay. The little “bambino” must like its present home.


I have duty Christmas day. (that is if I’m not at home with you and Junior)

There’s still no positive word about being transferred. I hope they wait at least until after the baby gets here. I ought to have a better chance of getting leave from here since I’ve been here a good while.

Who loves you, Baby? You know this boy is crazy about you. You’re the one.

Darling, you know I’ll keep on loving you always. Its just natural for me to love you. I’m very glad it’s that way, and nothing can change it.

I’ll say goodnight sweet and pleasant dreams. Tell “Junior” to hurry up.

All the love in the world to you and Junior

Your loving husband,

Now and Forever