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Al Hasa Oasis – City of Hofuf

Here are a few photos from our first in-kingdom trip which was to the oasis city of Hofuf.


 Here is Claire buying cinnomon sticks at a suq aka souk.



 Here is Danielle in her abaya at the Pottary Market. 







Bedoin tribal style jewelry






















I like taking photos through windows and doors.

Ibrihim’s Castle – an Ottoman Turkish fort from about 500 AD.


8 Responses

  1. dood, u spelled bedouin wrong!!!

    i mean, even i knew that! oMG!

  2. thanks allot for talking about hofuf , coz i like it , so i living in it from 1994 until now …

    if you want any thing about hofuf , i can give you …


  3. can me and my female friends go check out this place too? i always like to have adventure but it always seem difficult here in Saudi especially when you’re a lady and single!

  4. can u please send some photo of shariah tajari alhofuf e.g mosque, agfa shop, and sony shop

  5. Beautiful photos. I am originally from Al-Hofuf, but I am have been living in Boulder, Colorado for the past 4 years for college!

  6. Marie, are you possibly the Marie I know who works for Aramco? We went on a bus tour from here. They do those periodically and to Qatif also.

    Redrose, I am not in Hofuf now, so can’t get those photos for you – sorry.

    Hashim – too cool – we moved from Colorado to Dhahran. We love and miss Colorado. I bet you are missing Hofuf. Will you come back to Saudi Arabia or stay in the US for a while?

  7. Claire,
    can u plz mail me some snaps of hofuf city if u have, it will help me in visualising better as I am required to relocate shortly.Thanx in advance.

  8. can any body please put on pics of recent al hasa …and few more details we r moving shortly

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