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October brings breeze and random news

We are doing well in Saudi Arabia. The girls and I have been here for two months now and are enjoying school and friends.

The hot and sometimes humid weather has given way to really nice breezes.  Now all of a sudden the air feels like the warm strong breeze on the dock when the tide is coming in. Some of  you will know just what I mean. We see quite a few birds here including a few green parrots  and hoopoesThe “camp” has become over the years an artificial oasis and bird sanctuary. 

This month we will do a group day trip to visit a real oasis called Hofuf.

We still do not have our shipment of household stuff which was sent on its way at the end of June. Ramadan may have slowed it down once it reached the country because the Saudis have shorter work days when they are fasting.

We are having the walls painted. The girls have chosen two or three colors for thier rooms and Dave and I have chosen some pretty strong colors (such as chili) along with some more subdued colors to balance them.

Gotta tell you about Cyprus.

2 Responses

  1. :O
    it drives me crazy when people say random!
    its a very over-used word
    noy saying that ur over-using it or anything, cuz ur not, but iwas just letting u know, cuz ur probly not interested

  2. What a totaly random comment.

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