Crazy Stuff – Drifting

On the way to the beach two young men in a car were showing off for us. We noticed a shirt or something flapping out the passenger side window. It was green and then we saw that it was the Saudi Arabian flag. Soon one long bare leg was sticking straight up out the passenger window. Then the leg had the flag tied on the ankle flapping in the wind. Next two legs straight up with the flag flying. Can you imagine? Rachel has a photo on her cell phone. When we figure out how to get it from her phone we will post it.

See the Youtube videos entitled “Only in Saudi” on the links on the side of this blog to see more about this behavior.

Half Moon Bay Aramco Beach on the Persian Gulf

On Friday we went to the sailing regattta at Half Moon beach. The beach has palm trees, shaded picnic tables with lights and electrical plugins and barbecue grills. The water has cooled off to a comfortable temperature.












Picassa Online Photo Albums

Family and Friends: If you know my first initial and my last name you can see our online photo albums. Go to  Add my first initial and last name to the address and you will see the albums. You can comment on albums or idividual photos.

Al Hasa Oasis – City of Hofuf

Here are a few photos from our first in-kingdom trip which was to the oasis city of Hofuf.


 Here is Claire buying cinnomon sticks at a suq aka souk.



 Here is Danielle in her abaya at the Pottary Market. 







Bedoin tribal style jewelry






















I like taking photos through windows and doors.

Ibrihim’s Castle – an Ottoman Turkish fort from about 500 AD.


Claire and Rachel’s Mosaic Inspired by Cyprus


Rachel and Claire made this mosaic inspired by our trip to Cyprus. They made it square by square on the computer. At the archealogy site we visited in Pafos there were many, many floors that had been excavated from the time when the Roman Empire ruled Cyprus. Most of these mosaic floors had characters and scenes from Greek Mythology, interestingly – not the Roman Mythology characters. The largest excavated villa was identified as once belonging to the Roman governor who Paul and Barnabus converted on during their visit to Cyprus.

Cyprus – First OOK Trip

  We’ve had our first OOK (out of kingdom) trip. There were 12 days off from school (and almost that many from work) for national and religious holidays and we went to Cyprus. This is one of the great  advantages of living in Saudi Arabia. Our flight to Cyprus was less than three hours and we didn’t even leave our timezone. Our friends on camp are all on the same work/school schedule so there are many opportunities to travel with friends as we did this time. We stayed in the Greek part of Cyprus, specifically the area around Pafos. There are five major catagories of activities to do on Cyprus: see archeology sites, visit wineries, visit Aphrodite related sites, and see Byzantine related sites such as churches and monesteries and water sports  – Oh  – and enjoy food and drink not available in Saudi Arabia. We did some of all of the above but there is more to do in each catagory that we can enjoy on our next trip to Cyprus.  Though we were in an area where the native people speak Greek, many people there speak English (and drive on the left side of the road) due to British influence. The British were the last in the long line of countires that ruled Cyprus before their independence. Many British people use Cyprus as their beach escape for a holiday or retirement.

I have posted some Picassa albums of photos from the trip. One album shows the sea caves and rocky coastline near where we stayed. One shows archealogy sites we saw and one shows our visit to a winery. I have more albums to process and put up in the next few days.  To see the albums go to   .  I’d love to have your comments on the blog and albums. And we would love to hear from all of you anytime.