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Eye to Eye

Dave and Camel, originally uploaded by colorabian.

Dave is experiencing the culture up close while I manage things on the home front, teach my students ( and prepare for our move to Saudi Arabia. I hope someone also preparing for a move to Saudi Arabia or curious about the move we are making will enjoy this blog. There are links to web logs I read on a frequent basis, a link to Arab News, links to YouTube videos, culture and religion links, links to time and weather info., etc. There is a post with a glossary of terms that are frequently used in blogs about Saudi Arabia and links for Americans who are already there such as consulate info, links to US newspapers online etc. Please leave a comment if you visit my blog. I plan to continue to post the resources I am gathering as I prepare for the upcoming adventure and then post of our experiences once we all get there.

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  1. hi, i’m on the expats looking forward to going through your blog, nice pics 🙂 & nice definitions..although i’d change the def. for niqab, where eyes are not always covered, depends on preference of the woman..

    i havent been to riyadh, i’m in madinah where things are very different from other parts of saudi, but hope to learn more about it..


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